N-Lights-Red-Orange N-Lights-Silver-Hot-WHT N-Lights-Silver-Hot-CHT









Various types of flash and tinsel for your fly tying needs Made from unique line of tinsel and flash.
If you fish Bass, Steelhead, Trout, Saltwater this the right tinsel for you.
Colors: Black/Chartreuse--Pink/White--Purple/Pink--Red/Orange--Red/White--Sliver/Chartreuse--Silver/White--Silver/Olive--Silver/Pink


Parachute Indicator Post. (P.I.P.) Ideal for parachute post for flies (Hans van Klinken) and as a bright bait indicator.

Colors: Hot White--Hot Chartreuse--Hot Pink--Hot Yellow.

Congo-Hair-Polar-Bear ---Copy Congo-Hair-Chartreuse Congo-Hair-Bright-Red


Baitfish Fibers--A very high quality synthetic hair that sheds water and holds its shape. A nice sheen and a great color range to match your baitfish patterns and works great for parachute posts and underwings on dry flies. 10" length (20" overall).

Colors: Minnow--Silver--Blue--Black--Tan--Chartreuse--Green--Olive--Pink--Polar Bear--Purple--Red--White--Yellow.


Holo Blends: Our unique series of blended Holographic Flash with our UV Enhancer Fibers

Bunker Blue: black, blue, aqua, mirror, chartreuse, and olive.
Dorado Gold: orange, chartreuse, gold, mirror, and bronze.
Outrageous Lime: chartreuse, silver, olive, mirror, and green.
Copper Fire: copper, gold, orange, red, and fushia.
Mardi Gras: fushia, silver, red, orange, and mirror.
Tequila Gold: chartreuse, gold, orange, fushia, and silver.
Purple Haze: purple, black, silver, and aqua.


Pre-slit Sheets. Strip size: Width 2mm & Length 20cm

Wrapped as a fly body, over a white base of thread or even better a base of silver tinsel the overlapping edges will have a glowing effect. Colors, Fl. Pink, Fl.Orange, and Fl. Yellow / Chartreuse. Sheet size measures Approximately 6 1/2" X 8".




"Krinkle Mirror Flash": Mirror Flash with a slight crimp, that mimics falling scales. 8 inch hank and 800 strands. A little bit goes a long way..

Colors: Blue--Chartreuse--FL.Yellow--FL.Orange--Pearl--Pink--Red--Silver


flex hackle-

Flex Hackle is made with a combination of Mirror Flash and Spandex, also know as Flexi Floss or Dyna Floss.This one sided hackle SHAKES, QUIVERS, and BREATHES like nothing else. Add a simple collar to poppers, steelhead, and salt water patterns. Available in two different widths 3/4" and 1 1/4" wide. 4 1/2 feet per package.

Colors: White--Black--Chartreuse--Red--Blue--Orange.

Hollografic Tri Lobal Hackle

Tri-Lobal Hackle 1/4":1-1/4".Colors: Black-- Brown--Lt.Olive--Dk.Olive--Lt.Dun--Tan/Ginger--Orange


Holografic Tri-Lobal Hackle 1-1/4".Colors:Silver--Black--Chartreuse--Lime--Red.

.Holographic Tri-Lobal is a Synthetic Hackle . It can be used in Sparkling Wooly Buggers, Streamers, and great for Red Fish flies. Can be incorporated in streamer dubbing brushes.

Hula Wrap

Hula Wrap, is made with the same machinery as our Tri- Lobal Hackle.Hula Wrap is for the tier who wants bulk, flash, and easy application. A one sided hackle with 2" blended fibers, using UV Pearlescent and our silver Glimmer Flash. Can be easily shaped and trimmed for full silhouette patterns. What a baitfish material! Approximately 1 1/2 yards.

Colors: Blue-Chartreuse-Orange-Peacock-Purple-Red/Pink-Silver



Mirror Wrap

Mirror Wrap: A little longer than Hackle Flash but made with 90% MIRROR FLASH and 10% Tri Lobal Hair. This stuff is BRIGHT! . All you need is a few wraps to highlight any fly.

Colors: Blue-Chartreuse-Lime-Orange-Pearl-Pink-Purple-Red.




U V Dubbing

UV Dubbing.

Highlight all your nymphs by using this blended dubbing. A 80% Antron Fibers with 20% UV Enhancer Fibers.

Colors: Black-Brown--Chartreuse--Cinamon--Grey Dun--Hot Orange

Lt.Yellow--Olive--Peacock Olive--Rust--Shrimp Pink--White



UV EnhancerUV Enhancer : This product is somewhere between DNA and Chromosome Flash. Pearl strands with a UV transparent look.

Colors: Chartreuse-Olive Black-Orange-Pearl-Pink-Red-Silver Grey






Enhancer fibers

Enhancer Fibers": Very similar to "Angel Wing" or "Angel Hair" but much softer and very fine. It has a "Living Texture" as we call it.

Colors: Black-Fl.Pink-FL.Chartreuse-FL.Orange-Hot-Pink-Pearl Blue-Pearl Green-Pearl Red.





Blue Pearl-Hot-Pink-Pearl Green-Opal Pearl-Peacock Green-

Sapphire Blue-Sunflower Yellow-Violet Pearl







razor foam

 Package content: 2 x 0.5 & 2 x1mm


Opal Black--Brown--Green--Olive--Orange--Tan--White--Yellow







Body-Fur-2 Minnow Body wrap


CCT Body Fur.Main ingredient  for the"Game Changer" Fly.

Colors: Black-Tan-Olive-Lt.Olive-Yellow-Chartruse-White.Width3/4" and 2 yard long

CCT "Magnum" Body Fur. A much needed and longer version of our standard CCT Body Fur. You now have a fast and easy way of making full silhouetted baitfish patterns, larger crab fly's, and a great addition to poppers. Color: White

 go to youtube for tying the Game Changer<


 Colors: Black-Cream-Lt.Olive





Colors: White-Orange-Pink-Chartreuse-Yellow




Colors: White-Lt.Yellow-Orange.