Bucktails Bucktail-Combo






Bucktails: We offer the finest bucktails available. Colors: Black--White-Flo.-Red--Flo.Yellow--Flo.Orange--Flo.Pink--Purple--Flo.Chartreuse.

Combo Pack have mix colors.



Peacock Herl: Adds a little zip to nymph patterns and saltwater flies. Approximately a 1/4 oz package.

Colors: Black--FL.Blue--FL.Green--FL.Pirple--FL.Red.








Ostrich Herl: For traditional salmon flies, midges, or as tiny thorax's on nymphs.

Colors: Black--Chartreuse--Olive--Orange--White.


Extra Select Strung Marabou: The finest marabou available a true 4 to 5 inch in length. Double stitched and double strung. Approximately 3/8 oz Package.

Colors: Black--Chartreuse--FL.Green/Lime--FL.Red/Flame--Orange--Yellow



 Colors: White-Blue Dun-Olive