This handy tool is beneficial for fly fisherman. This unit will be your buddy in Icy Fly Fishing waters when you have cold finger tips.

Also, if you do not feel your leader tip between your fingers due to failing nerves in your fingertips (for example when you have diabetics), this tool will help you to tie the knot you need.

For instructions/explanations:

Click on the 2nd picture on your laptop/computor screen to enlarge it. Open your( iPhone/Android) camara to scan the QR-code and it will lead you to serveral knot instructions

Or see Youtube :


Quik-TyeThreader-Tool Quik-Tye-Instructions jpg






This handy little tool two has two different size "funnels" at each end to help thread tippet into hook eyes. Comes with instructions.








3M Freshwater- Full Sink 90 Ft-27m

Color: Dark Green

  • WF-6-S-3-4 ips
  • WF-6-S-5-6 ips
  • WF-8-S-3-4 ips
  • WF-8-S-5-6 ips




Tye -Rite Junior Fly Holder makes tying flies to tippet or line easier Acts like an easy-to-grip handle For use with smaller flies down to size #24. Here's an effortless way to tie flies and lures to your tippet or line. Clamp this handy tool on the hook and it acts like an easy-to-grip handle, eliminating dropped flies and hooked fingers. Attached ring/clip makes it easy to attach to vest lanyard or shirt pocket. Use for smaller flies down to size #24.

Flex-2 Flex-1 flex spex reading glasses





Strengh glasses 2 & 2.5      Use for Cap or Glasses

See youtube for demo