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BUG-OFF:The viscosity like "runny honey" .Original is the "go to" material for the general flytyer. Light cured acrylics for shell backs or surf candies to buzzers. Use the Bug OFF with a UV Pen Light and you'll wonder why you ever used epoxy or solvent based products.







UV Head Varnish glows under UV light and looks great on buzzer cheeks, Jungle cock eyes and even bare hooks and tubes.


clear cure goo logoclear-cure-products

Easy to apply with a UV Blue light

Tuffleye Pen Light

This Pen produce Blue Light to harden the Tuffleye

tuffleye flex

See applications on https://youtu.be/d5z1JgyPBjc


  • Light Cured Clear Acrylic
  • Cures in 10-20 sec with correct light
  • Cures clear. Won't yellow
  • Harder then Epoxy
  • No mixing and no harmful residue
  • Epoxy dryer not required.
  • Does not drip
  • Same tying method as Epoxy
  • Numbers of applications


Tubes avaliable in 10cc & 30cc

  See youtube for fly tying with Tuffleye