Glide Line Dressing helps you shoot fly line farther with greater ease. Glide can be used on any fly line types and protects lines so that they will perform better and last longer. Also features Umpqua Line Dressing Box with four replaceable felt pads. Simply apply liquid dressing to felt, run fly line through the grooves, close the lid, and pull fly line through.


The Stripeeā„¢ advantage

  • Remove the bite of harsh fly-lines
  • Extends the life of your fly line
  • Protects your fingers from burns
  • Cleans and conditions your line
  • Removes 'memory' from your line
  • Better cast ability and presentation
  • Comfortable to wear and easy to use
  • Convenient and time saving
  • Reusable and washable


White Peacock

 White Peacock Fluorocarbon: Invisible in water, very fast sinking.

Spools in 30 & 100 mtr. 

Sizes: 0.08 mm (8X)-- up to--0.45 mm(.018X)






Dave Whitlock knotless connections:

1) Leader to fly line.

2) Fly line loops.

3) Usefull for Carp Fishing aswell

Limitless possibilites to connect fly lines to one and other.

Instructions included.(DVD)








knotless connections kit for fly lines