Clouser MinnowFly LipsTopwater Deceiver








1) Wrap thread base halfway down the hook shank.
2) Apply a small drop of super glue/Zap A Gap to the goove in the Slice Scoop, then place the Slice Scoop on the hook shank in either ascending or descending position. Position Slice Scoopp approximately 2 mm behind the chook eye.
3) Tie on by tightly wrapping the full length of the Slice Scoop shank. Wrap a few extra turns at the base of the Slice Scoop blade for added support. You're now ready to tie your favorite pattern.

• Stacking hair on the top of the hook shank helps the fly run "true."
• You can vary the amount of action a fly has by trimming the Slice Scoop or tying a fuller/longer tie.
   Decrease action by trimming the Slice Scoop with clippers. Try to trim the Slice Scoop as symmetrical as possible